Prize Gallery

The Ultimate Ruffles® Fan Cave Upgrade
Get ready to throw out all your old stuff. Your NBA watching experience is about to change forever with the Ultimate Ruffles® Fan Cave.
65” Samsung® TV
Feel like you're in the arena with this 65” UHD Samsung® television. Now we’re going to your place to watch the game. You got beer, right?
Ruffles® Branded Spalding® Hoop
Start nailin’ those threes from the comfort of your couch with a Ruffles® branded Spalding® hoop and ball. Shooting skills not included.
Ruffles® YETI Colster®
Keep your beer cold (like, really freakin’ cold) all the way through overtime with this YETI Colster® branded with the Ruffles® logo.
NBA Autographed Spalding® Basketball
Get your hands on a basketball signed by a real NBA player! (I mean, we could have signed it, but who would want that?)
JBL® Cinema Soundbar
Crank up the game and make your neighbors angry with your very own JBL® Cinema Soundbar!
NBA 2K17 for Xbox One
The NBA 2K franchise continues to stake its claim as the most authentic sports video game. NBA 2K17 takes the game to new heights and blurs the line between video game and reality.
Ruffles® Snack Hoodie
Who needs a bowl when you’ve got a snack hoodie to hold all your delicious chips! It’s weird. It’s awesome. It’s the Ruffles® snack hoodie!
NBA Team Branded Recliner
Whether you're ready for the game or ready for a snooze, kick back in this recliner branded with the NBA team logo of your choice!
Ruffles® Snapback
Every NBA fan needs a hat to throw in the air when their favorite player scores a basket. Tada! The throwback Ruffles® branded hat. You're welcome.
Ruffles® Beer Glasses
The nectar of the gods needs a worthy chalice. Enter the Ruffles® branded beer glasses. With 4 glasses, you can share with friends. Or not do dishes for 3 days.
Ruffles® Beer Keg Fridge
There’s no last call when you’ve got your very own Ruffles® branded beer keg fridge! Now you just have to figure out a polite way to kick your friends out.
$100 NBA Store Code
Get your hands on authentic NBA gear with a $100 gift code to the NBA Store — redeemable at and at the NBA Store in New York City.
Ruffles® Neon Sign
Turn your bland cave into a fan cave with this awesome Ruffles® neon sign.
Ruffles® Spalding® Basketball
Up your game with a regulation or mini sized red, white and blue NBA Spalding® basketball branded with the Ruffles® logo!
NBA Autographed Jersey
Make your friends jealous with an authentic NBA autographed jersey. We know you’ve got a place for it on your mantle.
NBA Team Socks
True fans show their NBA pride… on their feet! You could get your very own pair of Stance socks in red, white and blue.
NBA & Ruffles® Cocktail Glasses
Cheers your team with these NBA cocktail glasses branded with the Ruffles® and NBA logos. Just remember to stick your pinky out as you sip.
Whiskey Ice Cubes
Keep your team spirits high…and cold with these whiskey ice cubes. No whiskey included, so you’ll have to figure that part out.
NBA Fathead® Decal
Pump up your NBA fandom with an NBA Fathead® decal with the team logo of your choice.
NBA & Ruffles® Shot Glasses
Take your shots to the next level with 4 NBA shot glasses branded with the Ruffles® and NBA logos!
NBA Team Throw
Fall means basketball…and colder weather! Keep things warm with your very own NBA team throw! And it’s made of 100% polyester — whatever that means!
Ruffles® Video Game Rocker
Take your gaming and game watching to the next level with this video game rocker. This chair rocks! Literally.
NBA Team Banner
Make sure all your neighbors know which team is best with this awesome NBA banner from the team of your choice. Flag pole included so you can make sure that baby flies high!
*Prize photos are for representational purposes only and are not images of the actual prizes.